Getaway in Morro Bay

I can't believe we've already been married four years, but I also can't believe it's only been four years.  Marriage is this weird thing that feels like it's lasted forever but also feels so new every day.  We aren't huge on anniversary gifts, as we typically opt to go on a trip together instead.  This year especially with the baby just a couple months away, we thought it would be fun to do one last little trip before chaos ensues.  

So last weekend was our anniversary/babymoon trip to Morro Bay.  I had never been to the Central Coast, but I knew I wanted to be close to water and away from the valley heat.  I am all about planning, but this time I was more than happy to leave it up to Eddie to plan where we went and where we stayed.  He found the cutest room on Airbnb at a price too good to be true for the location, so we swooped it up and off we went!

I was not prepared from the pictures for exactly how massive the room would be.  It was a full on suite with gas fireplace, kitchenette, walk-in closet, and gorgeous bathroom and shower area.  If you are skeptical at all about trying out Airbnb, I promise you it is the way to go.   Our trip before this we stayed at a hotel for the first time in a while and it just was not the same.  I'm definitely glad we went this route on this trip. It felt like we had our own luxurious tree house, and the view didn't hurt!

Notice that rock in the background?  Let's talk about that rock for a quick second.  Apparently it's a big deal there, I mean it's literally called Morro Rock.  I saw pictures of it before we went and I was like "I guess it's cool if that's your thing", but it giant rocks aren't really my thing.  We wandered down to have dinner by the water our first night and it was foggy, but it was the first time I saw the rock in person. It was pretty hidden in the fog and gloom of the evening, but I mean it was a cool sight.

Then the next morning we were walking to breakfast and look at this bad boy:

So obviously we later had to go check it out up close:

After seeing it enough from so many different angles I can admit that Morro Rock is a volcanic plug worth checking out.  It also is surrounded by a few different beach options, most of which were actually not extremely crowded even though it was mid-day.  

When we weren't strolling the waterfront city or making googly eyes at a volcanic plug, we were doing our favorite thing to do on trips - eating.  We were only in Morro Bay for three days, but we had so much good food! 

Best Breakfast - Carla's Country Kitchen

This was our favorite meal of the trip. I had the best chocolate chip pancake of my life and the omelette held its own as well!  The portions were huge, the prices were low, and there is enough seating that we didn't have to wait for a table even though it was a Sunday morning.

Best Coffee - Top Dog Coffee Bar

After breakfast every morning we stopped by a coffee shop and did some reading.  There were so many to choose from, but of the three we tried Top Dog Coffee Bar was our favorite.  At first we were worried about finding somewhere to sit, but they have a whole outdoor area in the back with several bistro sets, string lights, and greenery.

Best Dinner - House of JuJu 

Our first night we obviously had to get seafood, but given my pregnancy I limited it to just that first dinner, so the following night we went to House of JuJu for burgers and they were amazing.  As a french-fry enthusiast, I was disappointed to see that they served their burgers with their "famous JuJu roasted potatoes", but I promise you they are famous for a reason.  They came with a  dipping sauce but were so delicious that neither of us bothered with the sauce.

We still have a few day trips scheduled here and there, but with the overnight trips behind us it's crunch time as far as getting our home as "ready" for baby Martin as we can!  This fourth year of marriage went by so fast and brought so much change with it, but something tells me our greatest adventure so far as just about to begin.